Herbert River Gorge Walk Heli-Transfers

Herbert River Gorge Walk Heli-Transfers
From AUD $600.00
  • Duration: 20 Minutes
  • Location: Ingham, Queensland
  • Product code: HRH
The Hinchinbrook district has many natural attractions and National Parks that are well suited to the avid bush walkers.
Our pilot Josh knows this area well and will be more than happy to discuss the options available to you. We can customise the service to suit your requirements and discuss arrangements and costs on your inquiry.
Some of the options are:

The Dalrymple Gap Walking Track. Following the route of an historic road, this track crosses the Cardwell Range at Dalrymple Gap, winding through forests and across beautiful streams in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

There are also three walking tracks in the Wallaman Falls Section of the Wet Tropics Great Walk. Each track has been given a language name by the Traditional Owners, the Warrgamaygan Aboriginal people. These three tracks are only for the experienced bush walker and take 2 to 3 days to traverse.
The Buujan Quiinbiira (Boo-jun quin bee-rr-ar) walk starts at Wallaman Falls and winds its way through open forests and past palm-filled gullies before crossing the Herbert River to reach the Yamanie pick-up point.
Starting at Wallaman Falls, the Djagany (Jar-gar-nee) walk follows an old forestry track through she-oaks, open forest and rainforest. Cool, tranquil creek crossings provide a welcome respite from the heat on your way to the Henrietta gate pick-up point.
The Gugigugi (Goo-ji-goo-ji) walk starts at the Henrietta gate pick-up point travelling through open forest and lush creek crossings. This walk crosses the Herbert River before reaching the Yamanie pick-up point.

Blencoe Falls provides a gateway to the Wet Tropics Great Walk. With 110 km of walking opportunities, including short and overnight walks, there is something for everyone. 

Please contact us for any more information.